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Sabai Healing Touch
A unique combination involving therapeutics, hot stone and the ancient art of Thai massage; along with a herbal foot scrub and reflexology

90 Min - $115
Spa Packages
At Sabai Beauty & Wellness, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Sabai Signature Treatment
This blissful escape uses aroma salt scrubs to remove dead skin cells, followed by a mud wrap to help eliminate toxins. Your treatment is then finished off with our relaxing Sabai signature massage to balance your body and soul.

2 Hrs - $175
Sabai Royal Treatment
Spoiling you with our two most popular packages; experience both of Sabai's Healing Touch and Signature treatment. You'll also receive a customized facial based on your skin care needs. Truly, a head to toe indulgence.

3 Hrs - $250
Gentleman's Half-Time Retreat
Men deserve some relaxation too! We begin with a cleaning and hydrating back scrub and steam. That once itchy, hard to reach area will be smooth, tones and hydrated. Next, a gentleman's facial is added to brighten-up his face. We then add a 60-minute massage along with a hand and foot treatment.

90 Min - $135
Mommy Day
Experiencing your pregnancy is a joy and you should be treated to the fullest. You'll enjoy a foot soak and gentle exfoliates along with our pre-natal massage that is customized to target those little areas of discomfort. Your pampering is completed with a refreshing facial which is beneficial for skin that has reacted to hormonal changes. This package is also ideal for post-pregnancies as well.

90 Min - $135

*Recommended after the third trimester.